Saturday, April 17, 2010

MYM Today

Make Your Mark had an amazing time today serving, playing, encouraging, and most importantly loving on the youth of Charlotte. We started the day as usual; feeding the soul. This year we are really focusing on leading the kids we work with to truly trust Christ with their whole life. Today we encouraged them to know that no matter what they are facing in life, Christ loves them and has an amazing plan for them. Even when things aren't going their way, life just sucks right now or if they wonder if God is even listening. The answer to those comments are, He is there and if they would trust Him, He promises VICTORY! A few of them today were really soaking it in, asking questions, being honest with their struggles, really good conversation today.
After we fed the soul we fed the belly. With being a little low on volunteers today, Bojangle's served well. We are having shirts made for everyone, so we asked them to write one sentence of how do they want to be remembered. That is the motto for MYM and we constantly encourage to leave positive marks in this world and ask them, "How will you be remembered?". We are going to have some of these printed on the shirts with the other graphics. Here are a few of the kids responses: Mani- I want to be remembered by my love, hope and helping others when they need it, Isael- by feeding the homeless, William- I want to be remembered by MYM changing my life (humbling), Nate- making a big impact in neighborhoods, Curtis- God and we did have some bball players, football players and a superstar; I mean come on, you gotta have a superstar right?
So thankful for the nice warm weather!! We finished the day off with some out door activities. We started off with the always funny dizzy bat competition. It's amazing how every one's sense of balance is different. Some couldn't make it two feet without falling and some you couldn't even tell they spun around the bat. Then we had an intense game off kickball. The best play of the game had to of been Mani hitting Chavante in full stride, OUTTA HERE! We finished with a refreshing water balloon toss and war. Everyone one was wet, cool and laughing; good times.
This is what MYM is all about, meeting basic needs, today that was just having fun. One of the kids said, "So thankful it was MYM today, didn't want sit in the house all day". That is their life most days, no one to care and love on them. Then it's most importantly, meeting the eternal need. When William wrote that MYM changed his life, it's not us, it's the love of Christ. He will realize that one day and prayerfully worship Him with his life. Thanks for reading... ALL-OUT!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Meeting the Basic

We had one of our MYM kids call us today and asked if we could help him go to the beach with the band he is a part of. This isn't your typical garage rock band, it's a place that is a positive outlet for inner city youth and keeps them out of trouble. Most of the families that we work with don't have the extra money to send there kids to camp or let them participate in extra curricular activity's. They are trying to keep the lights on, put food on the table or unfortunately some are just trying to keep their addictions fed. So we are thankful that Make Your Mark can intercede here and help show these kids that they are loved, thought about and believed in. We meet the basic need first in order to relay the eternal need. He asked what did he need to do to work off the money and we told him that he didn't need to do anything. In his environment you never get something for nothing, you always owe someone for a favor. We told him that we love him and believe in his musical abilities and that we don't have to work for God's love, it's a free gift. Here at MYM we can only hope that these small acts of love will not only lead them towards salvation, but towards the abundant life Christ offers for today.... ALL-OUT!