Friday, March 26, 2010

World Changers

We had the privilege to share with 200+ Middle school students today, of how God to two broken lives and restored them beyond belief. As Carmen and I shared God's story for our life, I had so many moments of complete awe. Awe of a Creator who cares deeply for His creation. He goes to the darkest of places to rescue His chosen ones, He pursues with no end in sight. Sexually abused, abandon, thoughts of suicide, abortion, alcoholism, drug addict, ex-convict, anger; Redeemed, Adopted, Thoughts of Life, New life, Filled with THE Spirit, Freedom, Peace.

Our faith in Christ goes far beyond our salvation, while it is why Christ came to earth, to die for our sins and spend eternity with Him. It's also about being all that He needs us to be today. That is what Make Your Mark is all about, challenging the people of this world to living it out. We all know the Lord's prayer and in it He says, "Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven". Today 200+ teenagers were encouraged to be passionate, be bold with their faith and live in the promises of God. Promises given in Romans that state we have overwhelming victory in Christ Jesus who loves us; quit living defeated and live the way the Lord intends. So thankful to share the Gospel (Good News) today, "How will YOU be remember!" ALL-OUT!

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