Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy, Busy

It's been a while since we've have posted anything, there has been a lot going on here at MYM. Let's catch up, we traveled to Minneapolis the week of April 29 to attend the Summit six. It was a full two day event that was solely focused on the orphan. It is just a huge resource, networking hub for orphan care, whether that is adoption, foster care, orphanages and all other ways to work together to conquer the 147,000,000 orphan issue in our world. There is a movement happen within the body of Christ that is really exciting to see taking place. God's Spirit is moving in the hearts of His follower for the orphan. As we come together and lay down our self fess ways, God will do great miracles through all of us.

One of the main reasons we have not posted is because we have been working hard towards getting our web site live and running. In the next couple weeks MYM will be exposed to the world via web. We praise God for He has been patiently, but very strategically been putting together MYM. Before long MYM will be in Ethiopia making a difference in the street kid population. The need is vast and unmeetable on our own, but that is why we are so excited to be aligned with people who have a heart for the oppressed and forgotten one's of our world. For to long the rich keep getting richer and poor get even more forgotten about. Who will come to the rescue, who will be a voice for those who cry out in silence, we will! The world is falling apart all around us, just watch the news or read the web, but there is a God who is still sovereign and over all. His people are taught to be a city on a hill top, have you ever thought about a city on a hill top. They sit a top the hill shining their bright lights, from a distance they look like the twinkling of a star. The people look up to the top of that hill and desire to be there, wanting nothing more than to go and bask in it's glory. We should be that to this dark and broken world!

One of our older kids here in Charlotte had recently moved in with one of our family's to get on track with his life. He was 18 years old and still in the 10th grade with about a 5th graders education. Since being in his new environment he has been making positive changes in strides. He is in Huntington Learning centering and doing well. He works a part time job and is learning what it takes to live a decent enjoyable life. This story has hints of the movie Blind Side all over it. MYM is so thankful to be in a position to be able to help those in need, to all those who are and have supported Make Your Mark, we would like to say thank you for allowing us to better serve the world around us. Without you we would not accomplish near as much. ALL-OUT!

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